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Welcome to the Family Forest Website. 

"This is the story of my family.

"I started work on this project in June 2001. My mother had previously undertaken some of the research work as she took up an interest in the subject nearly thirty years ago. Using modern IT facilities and the Internet I have been able to trace back the families further, and go into far greater research detail than had been previously possible.

"On this website, I have detailed the history of the four families of my four grand parents as follows:


Father's father's family - Brigden


Father's mother's family - Chapman


Mother's father's family - Crowhurst


Mother's mother's family - Plowman

"This website went 'live' on 1 December 2001, and has since had over 9,000 visitors who found it via various search engines. Through the website I have now found branches of the family that had emigrated to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America. 

"Unfortunately, a fact of life with genealogy is that one is always working with incomplete records. Often historical data is not available because either the record no longer exists or the events were never recorded in the first place.

"Although we now live in a society where everything, from birth to death, is recorded on a database somewhere, this is only a recent innovation. It was only in the middle of the Victorian era that real records started. Because the surviving records are incomplete, some guess work and lateral thinking has to be applied to genealogy. Occasionally, I have had to make an assumption because there is no evidence to prove a particular link or relationship,, Generally I have only used such information if I consider that there is more than an 80% probability that it is correct.

"I have tried to concentrate on factors like where the families lived and why they moved, and how social change and historic events changed their lives and their occupations."

Mike Baron (previously known as Michael Brigden)

The entire Web Site can be searched using the Search box below. Simply type in the name of the person that you are looking for and you will be given a list of web pages within this site where the name appears. If you are looking for a specific individual use inverted commas, for example "Henry Brigden". Make sure that you click the button "search www.familyforest.info"

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The rest of the Family Pages are the results of family history searches arranged in chronological order. Many of the pages include photographs and illustrations of ancestors.

Three generations: David (18), Mike (53) and Harry (85) - August 2004

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My Family Tree is a 60 minute documentary that I have made with my digital camcorder and edited into a video production.

This documentary is the story of four families. It is the story of my father's parents, Brigden and Chapman, and my mother's parents, Crowhurst and Plowman.

The video can be purchased for 5 plus 2 postage and packaging. To order a copy click here

If you have additional information to add to this family tree or you would like to contact Mike Baron click here

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